Monday, November 29, 2010


It's been a while since my last blog, Been busy working unfortunately. However I have discovered images of D9E locomotives in use under the control of the old Southern regime. They were identified as BB type or class, as were all  B-B diesels apparently. The photos are basically still images taken from old American Army movie footage. A bit rough but in colour! These U8Bs were originally brought into South Vietnam in the 60's and appear to have been painted a darker green than they are now, but the yellow numbers with a red background rmain the same, even if the actual classification has changed.

One interesting feature is the builders plate under the driver's cab window. This doesn't appear to exist on the locomotives as they are now (or have been moved to another location). You can see some of the photos on my website as well as some photos of the French diesels that preceded them.

A recent innovation on the Vietnam Railways Forum is that of the use of video. These are of variable quaility but are very useful for modelling purposes. My favourite at the moment are the videos of D18E hauled freight trains. Very impressive looking units.

Apparently despite the National Assembly voting against high speed rail, the Vietnamese Government is still looking into the feasability.Apparently the Minister has stated that it would not be feasable to udgrade the current system to standard guage from Metre guage. Seems to me that such a move is not really necessary. Rail systems such as those in New Zealand, in Queensland here in Australia, and South Africa run highly successful systems on 3 ft 6 guage which is only about 75mm wider than metre guage. heavier rail and modern rolling stock such as the new Chinese built locomotives being introduced into New Zealand would be very effective.

Until next time.....