Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Resurrection Shuffle...


Forgive me Father, it's been more than two years since my last post!

A lot of nước has flowed under the cầu since then!

Another trip to Vietnam in March this year (visiting Nha Trang), the publication of my e-magazine "Re-unification Express" with the second issue finally available, lots of additions to the 'Railways in Vietnam" website and lots of other fun times.

As we get older we seem to lose some of that youthful energy we once had so the fact that I'm still trawling through all things Vietnam railways after nearly five years is a bit of surprise, even to me.

And now that I've taken on the "Re-Unification Express" e-magazine I'm busy, busy, busy.

Somewhere in all this I'm building a model railway layout and going to work!

My recent few weeks of what turned out to be pneumonia helped me have a think about future directions. But don't worry I'm not going anywhere. It helped me understand that I'm in for the long haul.

There are still many areas of the website that need updating, especially the freight vehicle page, so that is certainly on the agenda, but each time I decide to work on it, some interesting photo or document appears related to locomotives and that's my main interest so it becomes a priority.

My visits always seem to produce something unusual. This time it was this tank car which seems to be a 'one off". The tank appears to have been fitted to an older vehicle.

I also had my usual day around Saigon Station and as usual the staff were quite happy to let me wander. Some of the staff insisted I took a photo of their comrade:

I've also been very excited because I came across three (count them "three") builders photos of CFI steam locomotives including the 231-300 class and the SACM built 141-500 class as well as a 230-300. These will appear on the website when time is available (see locomotives again).

So that's your lot for today. I hope it won't be two years till we speak again.

See you soon.