Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mystery Locomotives (2)

It would appear that I was wrong. A correspondent on the VN Railway Blogspot from Taiwan has identified the locomotive with side rods as a Japanese DD11 class 'sent to Vietnam in 1977 as a gift' and that it was numbered DD11-2. Now that I compare the locomotives it seems obvious. The mystery locomotive is clearly bigger than the Whitcomb machine and is longer.

Shows you even I can make mistakes!

Now we need to find out it's history in Vietnam. Interesting that two different locomotives built in different countries at about the same time could look so similar!

It would appear that there were two types numbered 1-3 and 4-9. Types 1-3 were built in 1954, so our Vietnamese loco (no. 2) was built in 1954.

The locomotive was apparently operated at the Kobe Freight Terminal of Japanese National Railways before being sent as a gift to Vietnam.

He has supplied some details:

Brief specification:
Axle arrangement:B-B
Engine:DMH17B 160PS/1500rpm x 2
Transmission:Kobelco TC-2 or Niigata Converter DF115 x 2
Max. power output:320PS/1500rpm
Here is a model.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mystery Locomotives

Here's a bit of a puzzle for this blog.

I am trying to identify this locomotive.

The photos are from a US government movie taken in Saigon yard, July 1967. While it looks a bit like a D9E (U8B), it isn't. The door at the end of the cab is in the middle, rather than offset like the D9E. It has been suggested that it is some form of ALCO but the bogies are wrong. They look vaguely like those used on a D12E rather than any US style I've seen.

It is numbered BB903. BB refers to the B-B wheel arrangement. D9E's had two stripes rather than the one thick one this locomotive has. Could it be French? Or perhaps built by some small US industrial locomotive builder?

A member of the Vietnam Railway Forum has produced some former southern stamps which may be showing this locomotive but as far as I can tell there is no identification.

So if anyone recognizes this locomotive please let me know.

On another note, I have been able to identify another mystery locomotive, seen rusting away in the photo below:

It is a Whitcomb 45DE29a, a US industrial locomotive used by the US army and navy so presumably taken to southern Vietnam during the American War. There are no markings so I don't know anything more about it but here's another restored one I prepared earlier:

Don't know what colour the one in VN was but it could have been light grey?

Any more information about this one would be useful as well. At least that's one mystery partly solved.

Until next time.....