Thursday, June 16, 2016

Onward and ever upward.....

Great news everybody.

Issue no. 6 of the Re-Unification Express e-magazine is now up and available to be downloaded.

 This issue has 2 extra pages so I can fit everything in I wanted to, so a small bonus. Because of the large number of images, be prepared for a large file size, despite a lot of compressing of individual images.

I promise the next issue won't take as long. Issue 7 should be available in July, perhaps with not quite so many pages but at least close to time.

You might remember the recent disaster with the Ghenh Bridge near Saigon. (see previous posts), well apparently the new bridge, costing some US$13.5 million dollars will be opened  around June 26, a month ahead of schedule.

To build such a bridge in three months is quite outstanding. If the same job needed to be carried out here on Australia, it would probably take a couple of years, what with environmental surveys, health and safety checks, site inspections, river surveys, wild life surveys, the tender process and so on.

The above photo shows work well under way on the new bridge in early June. Image from Than Nien News.

On another topic, here are a couple of recent images of my "Ga Hong Ha" model railway layout.

There's still a lot of work to do but It is looking better don't you think? I really must start constructing some more rolling stock. That BNSF locomotive looks completely out of place!

Until next time......

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