Thursday, August 25, 2016

Patience is a virtue.....

This is my first post for a little while.

It's basically just to inform you, dear reader, that I will be going into hospital to have one of my thyroids (is this how you say it?) removed early next week.

I'm assured that it is a 'straightforward' operation so I should be back on deck after a short time.

If there's anyone reading this who has had a similar problem or has a similar problem you will know that this problem tends to cause tiredness, and in my case shortness of breathe due to my trachea being partially blocked, and plays havoc with your internal clock

It.s not an excuse but it is a reason why "Re-Unification Express"  number 7, is still to see the light of day.

I've also changed the software I use to produce the issues, so as with all new software I have been going through a steep learning curve. The new software is a bit more flexible than the previous package. For example I can add 'live' internet links. So in the long run this should make the magazine a more interesting one.

Issue number 7 is almost complete so please be patient.

With Saigon to Bien Hoa trains back in operation it's good to see DSVN has survived it's 'operation' as well, that is, the building of the new Ghenh Bridge.

Those who have written to me either at 'railwaysofvietnam' or 're-unificationexpress' I must apologize for not keeping up to date. My aim is to sit down and go through both sets of email and to answer as many as I can in the next few weeks.

I have made some small updates to the Railways in Vietnam website and added a 'Trams' page. This will be basically photographs for the time being. If you want some more information  Tim Dolings excellent publication "Railways and Tramways of Vietnam" should be your first port of call.

 See you after the operation....

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